Opera 9.5 for Desktop – Sleek and Sexy


Opera 9.5 for Desktop – Sleek and Sexy

Opera 9.5, the newly launched version is an eye candy and offers couple of very cool features.

Apart from the sleek and sexy skin, Opera 9.5 can suggest you websites based on the keyword typed (and your browser history). What’s amazing is that unlike Firefox 3, Opera looks into site content and suggests URL! opera

More features:

Opera Link: Opera Link keeps you synchronized between any Opera 9.5 desktop browser and Opera Mini, and syncs your bookmarks, notes, speed dials etc.

Malware and phishing: Opera recently parnered wth Haute Secure, Netcraft and PhishTank and Opera’s Fraud Protection technology automatically blocks offending Web
pages as well as phishing attacks.

Also, Opera 9.5 claims to be a lot faster than other browsers (result of two years of development effort) and I, personally can vouch for this. What I really like about the newer version is the fresh user experience – right from sexy icons to sleek features.

What do you think of the new version?

FF3 surely has a good competition!

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