Opera browsers crosses 100 million mark


Opera browsers crosses 100 million mark

Opera announced the 50 million mark (for Opera Mini) in the month of Feb, 2010 and the company now claims a total installed base of 100 million – 50 million Opera lovers on Desktop (across Windows, Mac and Linux computers) and 50 million on mobile.

Year-on-year growth for Opera browser on desktop now stands at over 30 percent, measured from March 2009 to March 2010.

One has to agree that Opera is a wonderful product, but the reality is that it misses out on a lot of useful features and plugins.

Number of installation may not be the right criteria anymore, what matters is the number of active sessions and real usage.

Do give Opera 10.5 a spin – it surely is faster than a few other browsers – but the question is ‘Is it really that good to be one’s default browser‘?

What’s your opinion?

Watch Opera 10.5’s intro video

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