Opera Dragonfly Claims 100,000 Web Developers using the plugin each day

Opera is on a PR spree and the new CEO is ensuring that the Norway based company makes enough noise to keep the rhythm going.

Opera Dragonfly (the famous Firefox’s Firebug competitor) claims 100,000 active web developers using the tool each day, more so with the latest usability improvement with Opera 10.5 (like Firebug, the screen opens in the same window).

Most importantly, Opera has recently changed its license for usage of Opera Dragonfly, from BSD to Apache 2.0. The Apache 2.0 license includes a patent policy promise that allows people to use Opera Dragonfly or Scope protocol (used for communication between the Opera browser and Opera Dragonfly)  regardless of patents held by Opera Software or any other contributor.

Opera has also launched 10.53 beta for Linux and FreeBSD is now available for download.

If you have tried Dragonfly, do share your experience. The usability improvement on 10.5 makes it a worthy competitor to Firebug.

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