Data-Compression App Opera Max Launched In India

Opera, the makers of one of the most popular web browsers, has launched a data-management app called Opera Max in India which compresses photos and videos viewed across apps to reduce data usage.


The company claims the app will offer data savings of up to 70% in some cases and compresses media downloaded not just over data but also Wi-Fi. Further, users will also be able to track the amount of data consumed by each app.

While compressing photos and videos reduces data consumption, smaller files also translates to a faster browsing experience. Users will also be able to block apps that use data without their knowledge which also means developers can’t track them.

Video is the most popular data heavy content format and Opera Max claims to compress a 10MB video down to just 3MB with minimal loss in quality. This not only means users can watch videos more freely, but also means less buffering.

Opera Max compresses data by routing it through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to the data-savings cloud. The app doesn’t compress data from websites and apps with HTTPS connections to keep a user’s privacy intact.

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