Opera Hasn’t Forgotten the Feature Phones; New Version of Opera Mini is Here


Opera Hasn’t Forgotten the Feature Phones; New Version of Opera Mini is Here

opera-miniWhile most of the attention these days is on smartphones, one company in particular has not forgotten about feature phones.

Opera has released an update of its mobile browser for low-price mobile phones with a few features that the apps for smartphones already has.

The highlights of the latest version 4.5, are a new download manager,  privacy mode and a new look.

The download manager lets users have greater control on what they are downloading and users can pause, resume and manage the download process.

The privacy mode, lets users open a new session that deletes all the data entered once it is closed. It also has a new look and feel that is more user friendly. It also has touch enhancements for supported phones.

The Opera Mini also uses data compression technology to shrink webpages to little as 10% of that on other browsers.

This browser will work on most basic phones that run Java. If the phone is more advanced one will be given the option to download a suitable version like Opera Mini 7.5, that uses an advanced version of Java.

To download the latest version available for your phone visit m.opera.com on the pre-existing browser on your phone.

Just last month, Opera had tied up with 7 Indian Mobile OEMs to pre-install Opera Mini on Android devices.

Last year, Opera had announced that India had the 2nd largest Opera Mini userbase in the world.

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