Shimply Launches Optimimo – A/B testing platform for Mobile Developers

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Shimply Launches Optimimo – A/B testing platform for Mobile Developers

One of the most confusing factors for developers is when they have a variety of choices to choose from and can’t make up the mind. They often don’t have the time and resources to test various forms of an app before they release it.

This is where Optimimo a new platform from Shimply Software comes in. Optimimo provides mobile application based A/B testing services for both Android and iOS developers to test up to 10 variations at any given time per experiment.


Using Optimimo app developers can directly integrate their testing code with their app and test the user response to tiny variations during run time.  Developers can then optimize their app according to user response and increase their app usage and conversions.

In the future the platform will also support mobile heatmaps and studying gyro movements of users to make sure that all conversion rate optimization requirements are covered by the product.

How it Works

Optimimo takes less than 5 minute to integrate within an app. All a developer has to do is download the .jar file, integrate it in your app, enter your user specific API key generated by the Optimimo server and get the tests running. App devleopers can create variations based on user demographics, screen size, OS version etc.

The Optimimo SDK will record views of variation as well as goals and send it the server and the results can be tracked real time. Developers can deploy the app on a few or even a million devices for testing.


At present Optimimo is offering a free trail where app developers can test 1 application (upto 2,500 monthly visitors) with email support. The other plans range from $49 to $349.

The Team

Shimply Software’s first product was, an All-in-one social media marketing platform and an Android app Navigale which allows one to find people with similar interest nearby.

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