Visual Website Optimizer for A/B Testing that helps you increase sales/conversion [Free Invites]

We earlier profiled Wingify, Delhi based startup that launched a tool to conduct multivariate testing & behavioral targeting; the company has now launched Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) tool to make it easy for publishers/website owners to conduct A/B testing using visual designer tool.

Using  VWO’s visual designer, you can easily create different versions of your website/landing page for optimizing your website goals (such as signups, sales, downloads, clicks, newsletter subscriptions, etc).

Visual Website Optimizer for Optimizing, A/B Testing
Visual Website Optimizer for Optimizing, A/B Testing
While the big competition, i.e. Google website optimizer tool is integrated with Google Analytics, it does leave a lot to ask for (the whole process of creating A/B testing is quite cumbersome and is too geeky for a normal user).
VWO, on the other hand automates the entire optimization testing and the WYSIWYG editor comes as god send for publishers who aren’t so tech savvy to use (or even understand) A/B testing.

In order to use VWO, select the element you want to test, add variation, copy/paste the generated code and that’s it! you are done!

What’s beautiful (apart from the UI) is that it makes the entire process damn easy, and so damn easy that a lot of small publishers/businesses would like to try out the service (even though Google website optimizer is free, I am sure people will pay to use a service like this).

Do give VWO a spin and share your opinion. We have 25 invites [use the code “pluggd-in” (without quotes) to sign up for the service.]

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