Orangut- Conference Management System with Submission Rooms

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Orangut- Conference Management System with Submission Rooms

Orangut(au-rang-utt) is a cloud-based submission and review management system. The application essentially is a SaaS tool that can be used by organizers of conferences, competitions, fests and other events to manage submissions, entries, nominations and registrations online. A feature of the event management system is the Subrooms which is a product in itself. orangut logo Subroom is a submission management tool.  Submission as in research paper submission for conferences, assignment submission in academics etc.

This is how Orangut works:

1. Register an event and create sub events to it.

2. Add Subrooms for the events to manage any public participation.

3. Publicize the event URL and invite registrants. They have worked on SEO as well.

4. Use the dashbard to communicate with registrants and moderate the submissions. Subrooms allow you to leave public/private message for the submitter, assign rights to jury and communicate with the users.

The product is neatly done with attention to details. Although, the product is ‘good’ in its standard form but can be more useful if there were customization option for every thing from copy to color to submission rules. The customization for now is not an online activity and that is the money making part.

Also, i found the names to be real confusing. Orangut sounds like Orkut and Subrooms sound more like a ‘subset of room’ instead of ‘submission room’. May be it’s just me.

Do give it a spin and share your views.

[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

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