Now order food or book tables online on Mastmenu [Bangalore only]

We started mastmenu on May 3rd we already have clocked in 200+ orders so far within 3 weeks of ops and 90% of them are new customers which is encouraging.

Bangalore foodies have got a new destination to play with – MastMenu, a service that lets you order food online as well as book table and even order takeaways. The neatly designed site has done a great job in collecting relevant information about the restaurants – right from operational timings to expected waiting time, average meal cost and minimum order charges etc.


The service is currently available in Bangalore only and here is a QnA with MastMenu team:

1. What business are you in exactly? Food ordering/Table booking? Why do the entire piece?

We are in the online food order and booking table business. After we surveyed the market (including corporate and residential areas), we found that this business has not penetrated into the masses. With internet connectivity on a high and smartphones sales as never before, we felt that this is the time to tap this market and provide users these services at their fingertips. The USP for us is the site itself. We are also striving to make common man and restaurants our customers instead of just one of themmastmenu.

2. What has been the traction so far?

We started mastmenu on May 3rd we already have clocked in 200+ orders so far within 3 weeks of ops and 90% of them are new customers which is encouraging.

3. Expansion plans? Most of such services tend to be region specific- what are your plans?
We do have plans to expand to other cities but want to ensure that we have a very robust and rigid model. We may not directly expand but will probably use a franchise model for this. This depends on how fast we can plug all the leaks within the ops

4. Monetization model? Lead gen or conversion? Or both?
Both – but we also try to minimise our marketing costs by partnering with our restaurants for ads

5. Given that you are collecting menu pricing information – how often do you plan to refresh the data?
We plan to do this once in 3 months but we do have a script running to catch any discrepancy in any orders

6. Team size?
Right now we have team size of 11 people which includes founders who are partime as they help with strategies

7. Funding details?
We got a funding of 25 lakhs in April from angel investors. We plan to raise further at appropriate time. We are fine for the next 6-8 months

8. Reasons for rebranding from Bookmytakeout to Mastmenu?
Upon survey we found that bookmytakeout was long and there were lot of similar sounding services for shows, plays etc. We wanted a name which can be related to menus of restaurants but getting the fun and simplicity element to it.

Given that there are a few similar services like JustEat, the USP of Mastmenu lies in the site experience (which is awesome), but the challenge is of building a brand recall in consumer segment. The tendency, very often is to hit Google and start the search from there – so either MastMenu has to beat everybody else in SEO or simply create an awesome site experience for people to keep visiting the site.

If you are in Bangalore, do give Mastmenu a spin and share your comments.

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