How to Organize Your Life

Keeping life organized often feels like a juggling act. Instead of throwing life’s tasks in the air in hopes you’ll somehow manage to catch them all, follow a framework to keep every area of your life in order. The result is getting more done while feeling less stressed.

The Organize Your Life Framework

  • Rules can feel rigid and joyless: do this, not that
  • In reality, following a set of guidelines in life can be freeing
  • When we have a predetermined set of ways we aim to act, we limit the analysis paralysis that comes with choice and the agony that flows from indecision

Develop habits and build a routine

  • Have a strong reason why you want to develop a certain habit
  • Once you have the habits you want in your life, assemble them in a daily routine that keeps you productive
  • A little planning goes a long way
  • Plan and schedule in the small things
  • Dedicate an hour a week to planning your week
  • Overestimate how long a task will take you

Embrace your natural inclinations

  • Organizing your life and thoughtfully crafting your habits and routines can quickly become a self-defeating exercise in aspirational living.
  • Be realistic about yourself and embrace what you can conceivably commit to for the long haul
  • A few different areas where you can lean into your natural state are: If you dislike ironing, buy only clothing in wrinkle resistant materials
  • If you hate going to the gym, join a recreational sports team

Consistency over perfection

  • Create realistic plans that fit into your life
  • An “all-or-nothing” attitude can cause self-sabotage
  • Make consistency a part of your life and get used to imperfection
  • By opting for continuous effort towards a realistic aim create more room for everything you want to do in life

Find balance

  • Prioritize long-term sustainability with balance and self-care: avoid overextending yourself and spending too much time on work, prioritize physical activity, try meditation, journalling, or cultivating a gratitude practice, spend time with friends and family, unwind alone with a good movie or book, and avoid all-nighters.

Prioritize appropriately

  • One way to make juggling all of life’s demands easier is to intentionally let some balls drop
  • To make time for what’s important to you, get comfortable with saying, “no”.
  • Do not confuse importance for urgency
  • Know your most important task and prioritize it accordingly

Declutter and Simplify

  • Always be on the lookout for opportunities to make space
  • Less is more: organize your to-do list
  • Marie Kondo’s To-Do List Tip
  • Organize by task and keep only the tasks that spark Joy

Measure your progress

  • Have a regular weekly review
  • Try out the quantified self method and measure your goals
  • Implement an Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) format for your goals – at work or in life
  • Track your time being productive or distracted online with RescueTime Productivity

Automate or outsource

  • Set up automations that remove active effort and free up time and energy
  • Consider where outsourcing to someone else could save you time
  • Experiencing new things and seeking out novel experiences will bring excitement to life and break you out of periods of plateau


  • Represent what most people are actually organizing their lives around

Organize Your Life at Work

  • Declutter your desk, inbox, and task manager
  • Prioritize deep work
  • Find opportunities for automation and outsourcing
  • Balance work goals with life
  • Avoid after-hours emails and team chat messages
  • Book regular time off each year for vacations to recharge

Organize Your Life at Home

  • Build habits for for running a household effectively
  • Use a task manager to set up daily, weekly, and monthly recurring tasks
  • Declutter your home
  • Regularly check your pantry and fridge for old and expired items
  • Donate clothing, toys, and books you no longer use
  • Automate and outsource errands and chores

Health and Fitness

  • Making time for a healthy lifestyle is a multiplier for everything else: we become better at our jobs, can be more present for our loved ones, and feel more motivated to tackle life’s other challenges.

Organize Your Health and Fitness

  • Follow your inclinations with diet and exercise
  • Use balance when thinking about healthy food choices
  • Prioritize health and fitness
  • Set and measure fitness goals
  • Wear a fitness tracker to count your steps
  • Record your lifts and keep track of our PRs

Organize Your Finances

  • Plan your money flow
  • Understand your net income and create a budget that includes a fixed expenses, variable expenses, debts, and savings
  • Add to your savings every single month
  • Set financial goals for different time periods
  • Automate your finances
  • Decrease the amount of time you spend on all aspects of your finances


  • Cultivate close relationships with family and friends

Organize Your Social Life

  • Make time for planning social outings
  • Redefine what socializing looks like
  • Practice consistency with seeing friends and family
  • For long-distance relationships, make use of phone calls and video chat to decrease the time between seeing one another

Organize Your Travel

  • Take the stress out of travel with planning
  • Create a travel checklist with everything you need to pack
  • Experiment with new travel spots
  • Ask friends, family, and colleagues for their favorite vacation destinations
  • Make “travel” a weekly or monthly habit by being a Tourist in your own city


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