Orkut adds Diwali theme after Diwali..fails to control spam..


Orkut adds Diwali theme after Diwali..fails to control spam..

As a social application, it’s imperative for a site to offer seasonal brownies and looks like Orkut had a process failure this time.

While Google India promptly changed it’s logo to reflect the Diwali mood, Orkut team added the Diwali theme, 3 days after the event – not sure whether it was intentional or simply a bureaucratic failure.

Also, what surprises me is how Orkut brushes off it’s responsibility of controlling spams in the product:

..official orkut themes are available only from the ‘Orkut Themes’ directory under your own ‘Edit Profile’ page. Scraps and messages that promise colorful themes with celebrities, etc. asking you to click certain links or copy-paste code into your browser window usually spell trouble. (In general, it is a bad idea to copy-paste code from unidentified sources into your browser window — even if it promises to increase cell phone battery life or grant access to the fountain of youth.) So stay safe and keep orkut beautiful!

Simply put, they should say – “we have failed to keep spammers out of Orkut – so use it with own care (don’t come back to us)”.

Apart from scraps, do you use any other feature in Orkut? What’s your fav. app, if any?

A look at comscore data does suggests Orkut’s stagnant traffic. Is Facebook gaining traction?

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