Orkut Apps: Countdown has started


Orkut Apps: Countdown has started

Orkut Apps will go live in another few weeks and Google has started building the momentum before the launch, by inviting developers to give a sneak peek into the app.

The apps that have been featured so far are Hangout, PhotoAttack and MyMiniLife.

HangOut is a simple app that enables one to schedule, coordinate events/hangouts with orkut friends, while PhotoAttack lets you attack your friend’s pictures with puppy love, flying kisses, snow ball, ninja kicks etc.

MyMiniLife is a second life clone which enables users to create a virtual place personalized hangout zone.

Apart from the fact that opening up Orkut is probably Google’s biggest bet against the rising star FaceBook, Google is also trying to get into the “good books” of Indian police (recently launched safety campaign with Mumbai Police, after all the fiasco that Orkut has been through).

How will Orkut Apps impact the Indian Social Networking sites? Do you think they will start building apps @ Orkut to promote their own socionets (like the way, they scrapped/spammed everybody @ Orkut, during the launch process)?

What do you think?

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