Google Brings Badges to Orkut–Too late in the Game?

Badges are an important part of game mechanics and while Foursquare has taken the whole concept to a different level (monetizable), Google has announced adding badges to Orkut. Depending on your activity on the site, you can collect a badge accordingly (the feature is not yet rolled out to everybody).

“if you’ve been on orkut for a long time, you might get an Early User badge! Or, if you created a popular promotion, you might get a Promoter badge. Once you win a badge, it’s up to you if you want to display it on your profile or not. There will be lots of badges available for you to collect, based on your interactions with orkut.” – blog

Orkut Badges
Orkut Badges - Are These For Real?

Orkut has been steadily losing to Facebook in India and such badges work only when users have an aspirational feeling towards a product – Orkut is far from being aspirational now and in my humble opinion, the missing badges are – a) Brazilian Spammer, and b) NotAllActiveUser

I checked my Orkut account after a few months and the last Bom Sobado Virus attack has  made my account pretty meaningless (have been subscribed to so many spammy groups). Most importantly, the social network has moved to Facebook and Orkut seems like an inferior product to be associated with.

There are more negative (read : spams) to not logon to Orkut than positive reasons.

What’s your Orkut moment?

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