Orkut to Launch Face Detection Technology to speed up Face Tagging

Taking a leaf (or the entire tree?) from Facebook, Orkut is planning to launch face tagging – though the big differentiator is face detection technique that Orkut is working on.

To speed up the tagging process, we’re launching a face detection feature on all new photos uploaded to orkut. With it, orkut is now able to automatically detect when faces appear in photos (by recognizing features like eyes, noses, mouths, etc.), but without actually identifying specific individuals. The algorithm is not perfect, however, so things like eyeglasses, difficult lighting, poses, etc. may ‘fool’ our system from time to time. If that ever happens, rest assured that you can always tag photos as you normally would, and of course change or remove any tags that you’re unhappy with. – blog

So many companies have tried and failed at Face detection – do you think Orkut can make it work?

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