OMG! Orkut has launched ‘Fans’, Now you can add others to fans list

If I was to write a book on Internet heroes, I will definitely give Orkut the most persistent and struggling actor award. Today, Orkut has brought back a feature that enables you to becomes somebody else’s fans.

“It’s easy to become somebody’s fan, just go to the person’s profile and click on the star, it will change colors and you will be added to his/her fans list. Every time someone becomes your fan, there will be an update on Orkut where your friends can comment on and enjoy. Older fans will automatically appear in this updated version, in other words, your fan club can only grow! [official blog]

Orkut_FansVery recently (in Feb, 2012), Orkut launched support for hashtag, taking us back to the early days of Web2.0. But the most important piece on future of Orkut is the integration with Google+, which hopefully is part of Google’s plans to migrate Orkut users to Google.

Orkut: The Bravest Team in Google?

No sarcasm, but Orkut team is surely the bravest team in Google – you have to give to them for their effort in ensuring that the active user-base is updated with latest features, especially when the team knows that the company will sooner or later kill the service. And I say they are brave because I have been in similar shoes (i.e. was managing a product which was labeled ‘old and ready to die’) and guess what – the new product failed to impress customers and company ended up focusing on the ‘unsexy’ product!

Maybe that’s what the Orkut team is hoping for?

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