Orkut goes for a Facelift – Do you care?


Orkut goes for a Facelift – Do you care?

Orkut has launched a new interface that promises faster browsing (moved to GWT) and a better user experience.

Couple of improvements include:

  • Neat Interface (better typography)
  • All of your activity stream in one page
  • Lesser number of page hops – e,g, you can chat, watch videos, and browse and search within your full friends and communities lists without ever having to open a new page (details)


The newer version is still not available for general public and you need to request an invite here (will you really do that?)

Have a look at this ‘awesome’ video

Are you still on Orkut? When do you plan to move to Facebook or Twitter?

Regarding the invite for new UI, there could only be two reasons why Orkut is going the invite route.

a) The team still believes that Orkut has ‘oomph’ factor (and they are grossly wrong), or

b) The team is just not confident of the data/interface migration and is still testing the launch.

What’s your take.

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