Orkut does a deep integration with Google+, Launches G+ toolbar


Orkut does a deep integration with Google+, Launches G+ toolbar

Orkut started its integration with Google+, enabling users to share their G+ public posts with Orkut friends as well. And now, Orkut has gone a level deep with the launch of Google toolbar for Orkut. The new Google Toolbar for Orkut is highly integrated with Google+ and allows you to check your Google+ notifications, reply to any comment on your Google+ profile and share new content with your Google+ circles while you are on Orkut.google_orkut_linked

Google Toolbar for Orkut offers following features:
– Easy search access on Orkut: Search from any Orkut page.
Google+ post box: Share on Google+ from Orkut.
Google+ notifications: Interact with your Google+ tasks while on Orkut.

Also, the linked profile will get an access to upgraded Orkut profile. Upgraded profiles will feature the same cover photo of your Google+ public profile (in addition, your latest Google+ photos can be posted to a beautiful album which makes it easier for your Orkut friends to see your latest snapshots).

What’s commendable? For sure, Google will sunset Orkut in the coming days, but the sunset plan is well laid-out. Sunset plans includes a seamless transition to Google+ and importantly, Google is introducing Google+ to all Orkut users, enabling them to switch easily (and hopefully get some good activity on G+ network).

Having said that, Orkut definitely is a distraction for Google.

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