Spotted: Orkut’s First Integration with Google+


Spotted: Orkut’s First Integration with Google+

Orkut is dying, albeit a slow death but there is no denying that the social network is losing mindshare and is on to a slow death.

But, you cannot deny the fact that Orkut still has a (somewhat) active userbase who has stuck to the site and can be a big asset for Google’s new new social network, i.e. Google+.

Over the last few months, we have been wondering why Google is not integrating Google+ and Orkut, a logical step that will also help the company consolidate its position in the social networking space.

But today, we spotted the first integration between Orkut and Google+ : i.e.  Google rewarding a ‘Google+ user’ badge to Orkut users who also have a Google+ account.

Google+ & Orkut Integration
Google+ & Orkut Integration

Nothing significant, right? Well, in the future I’d expect Google to quietly integrate (and enable import) one’s Orkut activity with Google+ and hopefully sunset Orkut by end of 2012.

That is, assuming the new CEO is really keen on letting go of the dead trees in the company.

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