Orkut improves GTalk Integration


Orkut improves GTalk Integration

Orkut has made couple of improvements in GTalk integration- an attempt to make Orkut less spammy (sometime back, they accepted that they were unable to control spam)

I’m sure many of you (especially you social butterflies with hundreds of orkut friends), are concerned about being bombarded with chat requests every time you go online. Not to worry!
To get you started, we’ve come up with a formula that automatically predicts which of your orkut friends you probably want to chat with, and only tells those people that you’re signed into Google Talk. Our formula takes a bunch of things into consideration, giving preference to people who you’ve labeled as ‘best friends’ or written scraps to recently, and people who have friends in common with you. – blog

Well, it’s time for Orkut to control spam otherwise the product is turning irrelevant.
Watch this video:

Are you still on Orkut? Or moved to Facebook?

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