Orkut Launches Mobile App


Orkut has launched a mobile app (Orkut is the second most popular mobile site in India, read: top mobile sites in India)

Orkut earlier launched a mobile friendly version of the site and given the popularity of the site, mobile app was a logical move.

The mobile app works (link) on all Java supported handsets and supports following features:

  • Upload photos to orkut on-the-go, directly from your phone.
  • View scraps, friends’ updates, and photo albums while you’re offline.
  • Share your orkut albums with all of your friends whether they use orkut or not (via SMS).
  • Easily call or SMS your orkut friends and address book contacts from within the app.
  • Get automatic updates when your friends change their contact information or orkut profiles. [blog]

One’s mobile contact book is the biggest (and active) social directory and integrating the contact book will only help Orkut grow it’s user base.

What’s your take?

Question to ponder: Orkut, Facebook as Photo Sharing Sites – Without an Image search app? Why?

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