Orkut Launches Support for Hashtags

Orkut, the web1.0 social network from Google has launched support for hashtags.

“From now on, whenever you’re reading a topic, all hashtags will be automatically highlighted and will link to improved search page, where other posts with the same tag will show up. To create a hashtag, just type # before the hashtag (no spaces allowed), for instance if you post a new topic or a reply and write #hashtagsonorkut, this hashtag will be automatically highlighted. We hope that this gives you a new way of exploring all the content in our communities and that this lets you find what you want more easily.
For now, new hashtags take around one day to show up in search results. We will keep you updated as we continue improving this.” [source]

orkut hashtags

Facebook Vs. Orkut in India

Facebook still considers Orkut a competition, but like we shared earlier – the game is already over for Orkut (though it still has its own fan base which is unperturbed by Facebook, Twitter and Google+ of the world).

Isn’t it high time that Google starts moving Orkut users to Google+, the new new social network?

Facebook Vs. Orkut - Welcome 2012
Facebook Vs. Orkut - Welcome 2012



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