Orkut Launches a “Like” Button

We earlier told you about the new look of Orkut that was supposed to be rolled out in few weeks and Google has now started rolling out the new Orkut in phased manner.

While the new look is a cheap copy of Facebook, what surprises us (and hence this blog post) is the usage of “Like”, which is a well known Facebook messaging.

Here is the official blog post

In addition, we are happy to announce a new feature today that we hope you will “like”.

Just as we add different smileys in emails, scraps and chat, we recognize that you likely have different reactions to your friends’ stories. Here are a few you might recognize from Google Chat, and in addition, you can find extra “smileys” if you type in the right code in the comment field.

After seeing this, I am not even sure whether Google is officially involved with Orkut development and product messaging. Embracing your biggest competitor messaging, UI is probably the last thing Google should be doing.

What’s your opinion? If you were the product manager of Orkut, what would you do?

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