Orkut opening up Channel (or a social networking operating system?)

Google plans to release the new set of Orkut APIs which allows third parties/developers to build applications that could make use of existing Google services and also external services.

OrkutWhen we realize the growth of Facebook and the boom in third party inventions, it’s clear that FB poses a damn serious threat to Google’s social networking plans.

Statistically speaking, Orkut is just 1/4th the size of Myspace but its stupendous growth factor in Asia/Pacific and Latin America has given them the right proposition to venture out on a specific goal and outbeat Facebook.

Google plans to open up Orkut API as a platform for developers with very few restrictions and to host the API on to there own servers than the Facebook version which needs to be embedded on to Facebook server.

With Myspace ‘platform‘ also in for competition, it would be a interesting battle in coming days.

Google services could have a new look and with orkut as a platform could reach the less privileged user [Ex: Google Calendar is meant to target only specified users and business in mind, with opening up of Google calendar for Orkut could be a embedded feature for Events and happening in Orkut and could be a major break through amongst the younger generation].

If Google does open up and think beyond there own boundaries, they could very well have a Widgets of Orkut on any blogs, third party sites and much more activity without being on the Orkut site.

How about a Wish list to have third party products:

  • To see the User Location Via Google Map in Orkut ??
  • To read Gmail Inbox in Orkut ??
  • To watch Community based videos via YouTube in Orkut ??
  • To have community based Word Documents [Google Doc] to exchange ??
  • To have Gtalk embedded , along with Blogger feature
  • many startups are waiting for orkut to open up it’s API – so that they can use the users’ social network (instead of creating from scratch)

The orkut penetration in INDIA is huge and the google services to reach the Indian market I firmly believe Orkut is the best launchpad for it.

Would Google build a Social Networking Operating system????

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