Orkut wins MTV India’s youth icon title – Have we stopped deriving inspiration from real life characters?

Now this is shameful. Orkut, the worldwide home for pornography and child pornography (know this) is MTV India’s youth icon.And they defeated Rang de Basanti, Abhishek Bachchan, Multimedia cellphones and the youth to win this title.

Previous winners include cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni (2006), actor Shah Rukh Khan (2005), cricketer Rahul Dravid (2004) and business magnate Anil Ambani (2003).

I am all surprised with this and couldn’t help asking myself a very fundamental question – what is the meaning of the word icon?

orkutTo me, icon is a person (ok!now it need not be) whom you look upto – somebody who inspires you (for e.g. my icon is BiG B)!

And the earlier MTV icons justified this standpoint – right from Anil Ambani, SRK to Dravid.

Can somebody tell me what inspiration do today’s youth derive from Orkut?

Justifying the icon status, Ashish Patil, general manager, MTV India, “Today, it’s all about communities for the youth; about hanging in versus hanging out. Orkut is the one social networking platform that does this best.” (source)

Now, that’s a killer – icon can also be somebody who lets the youth express themselves! (if that’s the case, how do Ambani/SRK/Dravid fit in the picture?)

Incidentally, earlier this month Google and MTV have signed a revenue sharing deal that will allow bloggers and other Web site operators to post MTV’s video clips while earning online advertising revenue…MTV expands its online audience and Google increases traffic to its video site(source)

Was this Orkut icon title part of the deal?

Well…you decide. Do you really think Orkut deserves this title? Or this title holds any importance anymore? I know for sure that this is the dilution of this award and has no relevance anymore.

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