Osutra – Twitter Meets The Hyperlocal Market

Twitter switched from ‘What are you doing now’ to ‘What’s happening now’ and it’s quite natural that many new players will take the conversation built around one’s location (‘Where are you doing what’er you are doing’).OsutraLogos[1]

Osutra, a service launched by OnYoMo team lets you share/track locality updates – for instance, you can track ‘what’s happening in your locality by following updates( that matches the locality name or the PIN code).

osutra locality tweet
Twitter Meets the Hyperlocal market with Osutra

You can send updates mentioning the zipcode/area name, along with the status update (limit of 500 characters). Osutra is integrated with Twitter as well – i.e. all your updates can be pushed to Twitter.

While the idea sounds interesting (think of it as a reverse LBS, where you share your location and maybe in future, you get services/advertisements based on your shared location), it does beg an important question – how many of your status updates are about ‘a particular location’ or are location relevant?

Significant number of updates are surely about one’s review of restaurant/theatre etc. but asking people to fill another box (i.e. location) may not be a great idea.

Also, a new service should harness the existing content (from blogs/other content sources) – there is no point expecting the user (maybe an elastic user syndrome) to update their status in 10 different products.

Give Osutra a spin and share your comments.

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