OTT consumption is leaving TV far behind in China : 5G effect.


OTT consumption is leaving TV far behind in China : 5G effect.

OTT or Over The Top media is the term used to describe the delivery of tv and film content over the internet.

Screens have been disrupting each other, as they get smaller. The TV disrupted the cinema screen and now the TV screecreasingly disrupted by the mobile screen. With the roll-out of 4G services in India, we have seen the explosion in mobile content consumption. Bigger disruption is happening closer to us, with the launch of 5G services.

In China, the growth rate of OTT content is soon going to be double to that of traditional television.

According to PwC’s forecast, China’s OTT sector will see a 16.3% growth in revenue from 2017 to 2022, almost twice the growth rate of traditional television and home video.

OTT will take share from TV and home viewing over the next five years, as an added 148 million households will install high-speed internet access. 381 million more will have high-speed mobile internet connections through 2022, along with the rollout of 5G.

The popular genres are period dramas, romance and stories of court rivalries. It is almost the same of what is generally viewed on television.

Though the number of web series released have gone down in China by 22% in first half of 2018, the total views have gone up by 56% compared to 2017.

People are preferring high quality content and not falling bait to each and everything.

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