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Alright. We never promoted our page (actually never had one!) on MyBlogLog/SU/Orkut etc, with a strong belief that the best communities are the ones which are loosely tied and come together for a common cause.

To me, community isn’t about follower/following, but its all about creating engagement based on topics of common interests (no point in starting a group to discuss a broader topic like ‘what can we do to promote entrepreneurship in India’. Sorry, not for me!).

But then..

Given the interaction/insight that our reader-friends share, I was forced to create some of our social media footprints (actually a few of you kept suggesting us to have a Facebook page, for a better mode of communication).
And most importantly, collecting insights from the community is my goal behind creating these social media presence (we don’t want to create another walled-garden socionet, so lets use the existing ones).

Our social media footprint

  • Facebook page
    So why join this page? Well, I plan to share some of real life puzzles/questions here (for instance, why so many VCs have American accent?) and most importantly, a few design related stuff that I cannot publish at NextBigWhat.com. Why don’t you share some of your stuff?
  • Twitter
    Twitter is linked to our feed, but then we don’t want to be another media company (well, Indian Media still doesn’t get Twitter ) that keeps pushing our feeds and add no extra value. At twitter, we share a few interesting links/quotes and sometimes, even jokes.
  • Google Friend Connect
    The easiest one to connect, if you have a Google id (stop reading, if you don’t! 🙂 ). While we let Google figure out what next with Google Friend connect (what use cases does it cater to?), we do have a Google Friend Connect widget (embedded).

And ofcourse, a permanent page: Are we Friends?

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