Outer Self Project: Courage

Awareness alone is not enough. To improve the world, we also need courage. Courage is about becoming part of the high-rung immune system instead of enabling the low-rung virus.

When we find the courage to share our ideas, they can spread and build awareness in others.

  • Start with the first level of courage: stop saying things that you know aren’t true. Don’t contribute to misinformation or falsehoods, even if they support your political views.
  • The second level of courage is to speak up when something is wrong. Don’t be afraid to challenge authority or social norms when they are harmful.
  • The third level of courage is to take action. Don’t just talk about change, but actively work towards it. This requires bravery and perseverance.
  • Finally, remember that courage is contagious. When we find the courage to act, we inspire others to do the same.

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