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Overcome your shyness by knowing how to face anyone in 3 minutes

I spent my 20s as a shy person, now I can teach you how to face anyone in 3 minutes…
1. Practice self-care

Do this;

• Focus on your mental health
• Mind your appearance
• Have enough sleep (5 – 6 hrs)
• Have daily work out
• Fix your diet

Everything start with you.

2. Learn how to deal right with emotions

Do this;

• Be grateful for what you have
• Recognize and fix your insecurities
• Forgive yourself, you learnt
• Never compare with others
• Be comfortable with fear
• Be patient with yourself
• Take nothing personally

3. Learn how to talk

It’s easy, do this;

• Never interrupt conversations
• Use gestures when needed
• Avoid being overly talkative
• Be sure of your words

How you talk determine the respect you get.

4. Maintain an open body posture

Do this;

• Sit upright and still (legs at least a feet apart or crisscrossed for ladies)
• Stand with your hands/ shoulders open
• Walk on a paced motion

Your posture, how you walk and sit shows how confident you are.

5. Develop a positive attitude

For the next 180 days,

• Talk good of others
• Quit criticism
• Never complain
• Avoid gossip

Your quality of your life is a product of your attitude.

6. Set goals and take risks

To give meaning to your life;

• Set small and achievable goals
• Set simple rewards for yourself
• Approach attractive stranger
• Get into that scary deal
• Control what you can

The more risk, the more you get.

7. Know what you’re capable of

Do this;

• Maintain a positive support network
• Have something unique about you
• Accept compliment gracefully
• Challenge your inner critic
• Be proud of yourself

Understand yourself and you’ll handle anything.

It’s your friend Lewin, let’s win together

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