Oxford English Dictionary updated with new words – Ain’t this BovveredI

Oxford English dictionary has announced the’Word of the year’ entry and the winner is Bovvered (its a word which kids use to be cool, a sub-version of youth-speak so to say)
An OED spokesman said:

Bovvered has taken over from whatever as the signature phrase of teenagers.

The decision to make it ‘Word of the Year was taken by a group of experts, who decide what needs to be added to the Oxford English Dictionary each year,to match with the current lingo used by Britishers.
Previous words of the year include chav (to sex something up), and su doku

Bovvered originated from Catherin Tate’s comic show. The runner-up word was Blook, i.e. Book in a blog form.

New words of 2006 are:

  • Nang – Cool
  • Bleg – Begging on the internet
  • Blurbing – book blurb writing (I covered this earlier)
  • Offish – Office English
  • Mandals – Men’s sandals
  • Lifehacking (courtesy Lifehacker?) – Making daily activities more efficient.
  • Setjetting (from jetsetting?) – travelling around TV/Film sets
  • Political flip-flopping – making an abrupt reversal of policy
  • Jump the couch – to exhibit strange or random behavior, inspired by Tom Cruise’s sofa leaping on The Oprah Winfrey Show.
  • Elbow bumping – New and healthy alternative to hand shaking which avoids spreading viruses.
  • Yeppie – Acronym for ‘young experimenting perfection seeker’ or young people unable to commit to a relationship, career or lifestyle.
  • Speedfriending – alternative to speed dating where people attend parties and sit across from each other and chat for a specific time.
  • He-tox – A period after a break up during which a woman makes no contact with her ex-partner or men in general to forget him
  • Slivercasting – one broadcast targeting a small audience
  • Bitlegging – Downloading copyright-protected music files from internet

Watch a typical usage of Bovvered(video)
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