Privacy what? OYO to share visitor’s data with government

OYO is aggressively putting in place a digital record system to facilitate direct data sharing of its customers with various state governments and law enforcement authorities in order to give them better information of guests staying at its hotels or visiting the state.

“At this point, we have seen acceptance from the governments of Haryana, Rajasthan and Telangana of our proposed digitisation of guest entry and departure records. The digital arrival and departure register aims to provide a real-time update to the respective governments on who’s checking in and checking out, making this a more efficient and transparent process as compared to the manual version,” Aditya Ghosh, chief executive officer of India and South Asia at OYO

Via : BS

The company has already put in place this digital register in Jaipur in Rajasthan and pilot projects are running in Haryana and Telangana.

Privacy : WTF?

The hotel receptionist will capture visitor’s details + picture via an app and the data will be shared with the government.

With such a move, OYO is basically saying that the company doesn’t really care much about visitor’s privacy and by sharing data with the government, it takes the govt one more step forward in snooping on citizen.

Adds Ashish: OYO it seems has learned all the wrong lessons on privacy and govt-intimacy from China.

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