OYO Set To Start Two New Ventures: Oyo Café And Housekeeping Service

Gurgaon based Oyo Rooms is set to start two new ventures; Oyo Café and on-demand housekeeping service.

Oyo Café will be a food technology venture. Under this brand, Oyo will sell food which will be prepared by the hotels listed on its platform.

The on-demand housekeeping service will be a cleaning service which Oyo’s area managers will facilitate based on the customer’s requirements and convenience. The aim of both the ventures is to provide a better experience to its customers.

Oyo currently has 30,000 rooms in over 3,000 properties across 130 Indian cities and towns. [source]

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  1. first they pickup the individual category & they call it reinventing the wheel .

    Later they start adding new new categories to generate more revenue as they are not sure how to make profits 🙂 so how different are the from existing players like Jusdial ? i think new age founders are bit confusing they start shouting Eureka-Eureka too early from the real business point of view .

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