Ozone Media launches advertisement re-targeting platform, Smarton

Ad network Ozone Media which forayed into mobile advertising earlier this year has launched Ozone Smarton, a re-targeting and dynamic banner advertising platform. To start with, the platform is being positioned as a solution which will help e-commerce companies to acquire customers in a smarter way by assembling banners in real-time and serving them to a re-targeted audience.

The company will roll out the solution for the travel industry next. According to the company, the platform is powered by predictive algorithms that determine optimal product to be shown to the re-targeted users.

Last quarter, the 6 year old company launched its lead management system that allows advertisers to capture and view leads without having to build their own solutions.

Mobile advertising currently accounts for a small share of the market, at Rs 1 billion in 2011 but is expected to grow significantly over the coming years to an estimated INR 7.6 billion in 2016, according to a recently released report by FICCI and KPMG.

Infographics: Pretargeting versus Retargeting

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