Ozonetel launches Speech Recognition Software To Connect Businesses To Rural Masses

Ozonetel has launched voice recognition software for its CaaS products

Hyderabad based Ozonetel has launched a speech recognition feature for their communication-as-a-service products.

Ozonetel acquired YantraSoft for its speech recognition software last year. it has spent this time working to integrate it into its services like that use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) elements like CloudAgent and its native app development API KooKoo.

While not as advanced as Apple or Google, the company’s speech recognition offers the chance for businesses to reach consumers that are in the rural areas of India. In such regions, speech recognition technology would allow users that cannot read or write the ability to interact in their local language or dialect.

Ozonetel will be rolling out domain specific word packs for different cities, states, and businesses to maximise the potential  and reach of this technology.

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