Ozonetel acquires Yantrasoft Speech Recognition Arm. Will Offer Speech Recognition and Biometric Services

Ozonetel will start seeing revenue come in from this acquisition in the next financial quarter.

Ozonetel, cloud communications platform has acquired Yantrasoft’s speech recognition vertical in a pay-out model. The acquisition gets the Ozonetel its team (20) , IP and technology and customers (a big consulting firm and a Agri products client). Post this acquisition, Ozonetel will take speech to cloud, which will be offered on pay as you go model

Yantrasoft’s Speech Recognition USPozonetel

Yantrasoft’s offshore arm in Hyderabad has been developing speech related solutions. This offshore arm was founded in 2009. Speech recognition piece includes

Text to speech engine in Indian languages. Using this businesses can now build dynamic IVRs in regional languages like Hindi,Telugu and Tamil.
Speech recognition engine – Indian dialect. This will allow to do automatic recognition of the spoken word. People can speak their choices and the system recognizes the words and converts to text.
–  Gender Identification – this allows businesses to automate targeted services and also conduct customised surveys.
–  Speech Biometric – identifying a speaker based on the speech. This can be used by businesses that need security in their services like the BFSI vertical
–  Sentiment analysis – content can now be steered based on the sentiment of the voice. This can be hugely useful in contact centers. If during a call, the sentiment of a customer is identified as being upset, the call can be directed where a manager can intervene and take over the call.

Currently Ozonetel has the offline version where sentiment is analysed after the call. The online version will be available soon. Ozonetel had earlier acquired VoiceGain’s Indian customers and partnered with AksharSpeech for text-to-speech service.

What’s NextBigWhat For Ozonetel After This Acquisition?

Given that speech recognition is a big challenge in India thanks to multiple dialects, Ozonetel will offer limited vocabulary recognition that works for multiple language and dialect.

Ozonetel will start seeing revenue come in from this acquisition in the next financial quarter.

The service provided by Ozonetel will be offer vocabulary for multiple domains like city, state, digits, vertical wise (Banking, travel..). This vocabulary will cover all the keyword needed for the domain. These would be tuned for performance and exposed on cloud, ready to be used in any application.

Competitive Landscape
Ozonetel competitor, Knowlarity recently raised a massive $16mn funding round,. The Indian SME market however is still largely untouched by cloud telephony players, due to longer sales-cycles.

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