P2W2 – Online Marketplace for Services Industry

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P2W2 – Online Marketplace for Services Industry

P2W2 is a recently launched online marketplace for service industries – mainly catering to services like writing, accounting, software, graphic design, virtual assistance, research etc.

The portal charges $13 for registration (for services), while buyer is free – something that they need to look at, in order to reach the critical mass.

Launched by an ISB alumni, P2W2 is no different from oDesk/RAC and several other online exchanges and as ninemotion’s Deepak mentions it’s a deep pocket business:

“..the competitive landscape has changed considerably in the last 2 years. Elance has raised a total of $65 Million, Odesk has now raised $35 Million and Microsoft has entered the space. We think that Google will also enter this space very soon. This is now a business of very deep pockets.”

What’s your take on P2W2? It looks fairly minimal right now.

[Thanks Srinivas for the tip]

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