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According to a recent study by online research and advisory firm JuxtConsult, only around 41 per cent of India’s 30 million Internet users prefer to browse online in English as compared to 59% last year. The study also reveals that the number of Internet users in urban India has grown by 28 % per cent at 30.32 million in April 2007 as against 23.60 million a year ago.

The local/regional content is on the rise and India Internet world needs all sorts of vehicles to make this happen.
Here are a few local language translation service that are currently available in the Indian Internet world:

  • Quillpad (reviewed here) is a great tool for language conversion and has been one of the earliest app in the local language domain(partnered with Rediff mail and Rediffbol).
  • Blogger’s transliteration – allows one to blog in hindi, and is so far the most accurate transliteration service
  • Paahijen (marathi word for “I want it”) is a great tool that serves as an online notepad/scratchpad for local language.
    All you have gotta do is to enter the words in english and Paahijen will get you the “converted” words in your language of choice. Copy/Paste the same in your email/orkut scraps/wherever you want to!


Paahijen also offers a format free classified site (in regional launguages) called Tagwise

Fundamentally speaking, Paahijen isn’t much different from Quillpad (the end result is the same). But I strongly believe that we need more of such services that empowers the Indian community to write in their local languages.

Though the product is in an early stage, I do see great partnership coming Paahijen’s way (i.e. if they get their vernacular platform right!), since most of the current players have no idea on how to get the vernacular translation right!

At the same time, I urge Paahijen team to rethink about their domain name – please be a little more generic. I had a hard time typing the right name – how do you expect people to remember your URL then? Or if you want this to be marathi centric, you are defying the very purpose of your site.

What do you think? Do give Paahijen a spin and share your comments.


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