Broken Links Suck, SpringTrax Can Fix it For You


Broken Links Suck, SpringTrax Can Fix it For You

Broken links suck. If you run a website, you’d know. You could be losing traffic or even potential customers. Most tools out there are will only find broken links on your website, but Denver based startup SpringTrax will not only find them but also fix them.

springtraxThe extent of the broken link problems increase when you have a website with constantly changing content. For instance, an e-commerce site where products are added and deleted regularly.

SpringTrax tries to analyze broken links from a user standpoint. Other than just providing a list of broken links, the service also tells you where the broken links were found and what people did on the website after encountering the ‘not found’ error.

Some of the most common reasons for broken links;

  • Old or outdated bookmarks. When content on pages changes so does the links on the website and outdated bookmarks will lead to a broken link.

  • Incorrect URL shares. When URLS are shared over social networks or otherwise, even a slight change in the spelling or ‘/’ can lead to a broken link.

  • Other websites pointing to broken links. When you have a backlink to your site that is outdated or not updated, they will lead to a broken link.

springtrax features

How SpringTrax works

The service monitors a website’s traffic to see what broken links visitors encounter. A simple crawl tool can only tell you about broken links on the website that crawl tool crawls. Broken links on your site only account for a small segment of the broken links visitors encounter from all sources combined. So, you need to do more than use a crawl tool. To help with this SpringTrax will tell you not just about those broken links on your site that visitors encounter, but also the links from everywhere else.

Also since the service monitors your website traffic, it can also tell you about what people do after reaching an error page. Do people stay on your site or do they leave your site? Most people who encounter a 404 error page leave that website altogether. Depending on how many people reach a 404 error page, you can get an idea of how much traffic is being lost.

SpringTrax will also give a recommendations on how to fix a broken link. For example they will tell you that broken link needs to be redirected to

The service also provides an interesting feature which will send alert emails when you suddenly get more traffic to a 404 page.

The pricing for the service starts at $9 per month for monitoring two website. You can see the pricing plan details here.

It is a great tool for fixing broken links and If you are a website owner give the service a try or recommend it to a friend who has a website.

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