Defining Market Segment #ProductMarketFit

You always dreamt of targeting a big market – but when in the early days, you probably need to define the right segments to capture.  How would you define and go after a defined segment? What makes a segment well-defined for one to create a common set of features and test hypothesis?

Of Product/Market Fit and Why Startups Should Care

Finding product/market fit is an iterative process but bottom line is to establish key metrics that define product engagement and focus on those metrics relentlessly. Anything that doesn’t contribute to moving those metrics upward is not important before product/market fit.

The Importance of Product-market Fit in Consumer Businesses

Our contention is that entrepreneurs should demonstrate product-market fit before investing in scaling up. In the Indian context, where new web services are cloned on a weekly basis, waiting to get to product-market fit can be difficult to do. Founders may feel pressured to scale prematurely, justifying this decision with reasons such as “it’s a land-grab” or “first-mover advantage”.