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    React Native is the Future of Mobile at Shopify (engineering.shopify.com)

    Shopify’s VP Engg, Farhan writes:

    We have many mobile surfaces at Shopify for buyers and merchants to interact, both over the web and with our mobile apps. We spent time over the last year experimenting with React Native with three separate teams over three apps: Arrive, Point of Sale, and Compass.

    From our experiments we learned that:

    • in rewriting the Arrive app in React Native, the team felt that they were twice as productive than using native development—even just on one mobile platform
    • testing our Point of Sale app on low-power configurations of Android hardware let us set a lower CPU threshold than previously imagined (1.5GHz vs. 2GHz)
    • we estimated ~80% code sharing between iOS and Android, and were surprised by the extremely high-levels in practice—95% (Arrive) and 99% (Compass)
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    Reliance aims to use plastics in road construction (www.livemint.com)

    Reliance will work with India’s highway authority and individual states to potentially supply a plastics-infused mix.

    Light plastics, the type used as carry bags or snack wrappers, are typically not viable to recycle and so end up in landfills, street corners or oceans. Reliance wants to shred these plastics and mix them with bitumen, a formula the conglomerate says is cheaper and longer-lasting.

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    Apple : 86% revenue from products; iPhone accounts for ~62% revenue (www.axios.com)

    Here is what accounted for Apple’s super successful quarter (revenue of $91.8 billion, up 9% from a year earlier)

    • iPhone sales: $55.957 billion, up 8% from a year ago
    • iPad sales: $5.97 billion
    • Mac sales: $7.16 billion
    • Services: $12.71 billion, up 17%
    • Wearables and accessories: $10.01 billion

    Tim Cook said he was pleased with the number of subscribers for Apple TV+, a new video streaming services that Apple released last fall.

    “It’s not a hobby, it’s a real business,”[via]

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    How Oyo can win back its mojo  (www.cnbctv18.com)

    Few startups have achieved success without failures. The Oyo story is no different and he is what its management, employees, investors and partners can do.  Entrepreneur K Ganesha shares a few ideas:

    1. Communicate clearly and unambiguously. 

    2. Don’t couch the communication in euphemisms. 

    3. Don’t blame the employees or non-performance.

    4. Think ahead! 

    5. Be fair. Ensure, at the minimum, that the contractual obligations of the notice period, severance pay, leave encashment, etc are met fully. 

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