Seriously Paisabazaar?

Sometimes I am Mr. Challa and sometimes Mr. Nagarjuna.
Yes, that’s Paisabazaar for you – the company which this year raised 200 crores and has been running TV ads for (free) credit rating report.
Paisabazaar is badly goofing up user data and this has been happening for atleast 1 week.

Data & Privacy: Who Cares?

Everyday I sign in (from my Google account), I get to see details of somebody else! Checkout screenshot from today – hello Mr. Nagarjuna, I have your PAN number, date of birth, phone number, address and salary details.

paisabazaar goofup
paisabazaar goofup

And vice versa – everyday my details are being shown to others (I am guessing so).
And of course, there is just NO way to delete one’s id / data from the system.
This is privacy ethics and product smart of a well funded company. Sad.
And you still ask why companies like these even exist? For now, you can safely ignore Paisabazaar – unless you want your data to be compromised.
Feel free to share this with your family.

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