PaisaGate – Expense Management Solution made for India

What’s the ‘Made for India’ deal? Well, PaisaGate has subtle features that makes it an interesting product, targeted towards Indian consumers.

Given that more than 97% of transaction in India is still cash, what one needs is a solution that can support cash expenses as well as accept inputs using different mechanism.

In terms of features, what PaisaGate offers is support for SMS as well as Email. One can send an Logo[3]email with expense detail in the subject line as well as sms containing the expense details.

PaisaGate is primarily targeted at entities that involve a collection of individuals and require some form of an efficient expense management solution. The Chennai based startup is also positioning the product as an expense management solution for event organizers, volunteer organizations, non-profit organizations and even micro/small businesses.

Unlike other expense management solutions, PaisaGate allows tighter control over the budget and supports granular access control  – owners can add members and limit their spending.

As far as business model is concerned, PaisaGate follows freemium model – i.e. basic service are free and paid services available with added features.

Overall, an interesting solution.

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