After FusionCharts, Pallav Nadhani Is Now On to Two New Startups

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After FusionCharts, Pallav Nadhani Is Now On to Two New Startups

In his high teens, Pallav Nadhani started a business from his bedroom in Kolkata. His startup FusionCharts is now a Rs 50 cr business with over 20,000 customers and a well known story.

Nadhani, just short of 30, is now making a bigger bet with two new ventures– Collabion and RazorFlow. The ventures will run independently of FusionCharts.

pallav nadhani
Pallav Nadhani, Founder, FusionCharts


Collabion is a product that has been developed for business users and allows them to build customisable interfaces within the company’s existing Sharepoint product. Simply put, it helps you create dashboards in SharePoint.


Collabion had a beta run in December 2010, with over 3000 beta users on board. The product has now been diversified into a separate brand and a company headed by Pallav.

“Many of our developers were building custom hacks for Sharepoint. It was not very flexible, because every time a business user would tell them I need a change for this, or with respect to the chart or data type. The developer would have to go back to the drawing board,” explains Pallav.

The Collabion team are completely different from the FusionCharts team and are currently at a strength of 5. The commercial version of the product that was released last year hit a revenue of Rs 1 crore.

The company is aiming at a 250% growth year on year over the next 3 years.


While Pallav is the sole founder for the Collabion platform, IIT Kharagpur graduate, Anirudh Sanjeev will be his co-founder at RazorFlow.

RazorFlow is a PHP dashboard framework developed by Pallav and Anirudh to help create interactive, cross-device dashboards. The platform was built to solve the problem of access on devices other than the PC.


“Here the developers will just have to code once, but the dashboards run everywhere, the same code runs differently on a PC, Mac or mobile – each one keeping in mind the intrinsics and form and function of any device,” says Pallav.

The company will also be run separately from FusionCharts.

“I also wanted to have a co-founder in this company who takes care of the product side of the story – entire technical and execution aspects. We see a huge scope of growth so I wanted it to be a separate company right from day one with clean corporate governance.”

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