Government Mulling Pan-India Ban On Uber, Ola, TaxiForSure Apps

Failed to abide by Delhi Govt’s order to cease the service; the Govt is planning for Country wide ban on the apps of all web-based taxi companies.

taxiAlleging that the companies are not complying with a ban order imposed by the Delhi government, Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITY) is seeking views from the Transport Ministry for a country wide ban on the apps.
All app-based cab services were banned in Delhi after an Uber cab driver was accused of raping a female passenger. The companies stopped the services for a while but resumed its operations soon after. In March, Transport Department of Delhi Government has warned Uber and Ola over resuming their taxi services in the state capital citing that the companies are not abiding by the government order, the Delhi government has requested DEITY to block the apps. But DEITY found it technically impossible to do so for one particular state, and therefore, it sought “concurrence” of the transport ministry for pan-India execution.
Stressing that the execution could only happen at the national level, a senior IT Ministry official said, “We have sought views of the Transport Ministry and are waiting for their reply.”

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