Startup Parallelo Makes Presenting Sales Deck Easy; Brings Customer Analytics To Sales Team

So you spend a good amount of time creating that sales proposal and even after sending that to the customer, you have zero visibility into what’s happening.

One of the most painful part of the entire sales process is lack of visibility on whether the customer has opened your email or not. Well, using some tools, you can track whether they opened email  – but you just can’t track whether they ever engaged with your proposal. Plus, for corporate sales you need to do a real time presentation of the sales deck which often is dependent on how fast the Internet connectivity is.

This is where Parallelo comes into the picture – the product (currently in beta) lets you upload your sales proposal. You’ll get a link which you can share with the customer and can present in real time (no need to do screen sharing).parallelo

Started by Kiran who earlier cofounded social media platform Adepto (acquired by Kuliza), Parallelo is trying to solve a few use-cases : poor bandwidth at client’s end (a few Parallelo customers include the ones who are selling in Africa) and importantly, deck analytics.

Kiran of Parallelo Launching at UnPluggd
Kiran of Parallelo Launching at UnPluggd

Deck Analytics : This is what matters

For sales team, data around time spent in deck, in different pages – i.e. a sort of heatmap of the proposal etc makes the cut.  This is the killer feature why sales team will use the product for – after all, if you know that your customer has spent more time reading ‘About’ section than ‘Proposal’part, you can go and fix that in the next meeting.

Parallelo : Deck Analytics
Parallelo : Deck Analytics

Apply for the beta invite here. Watch Kiran launch the product at UnPluggd, India’s biggest startup conference.

Question to the team : Maybe a good idea to go big on deck analytics instead of selling it as a real time presentation tool (for bad Internet connectivity)?

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