This Parenting App Helps Parents Control Kids’ Smartphone Activity

Got kids? Have given them smartphones to ‘stay connected’? Well, you know that you are inviting a lot of trouble, but you do want your kids to be a call/whatsapp away.ekavach-digital-parenting-app

What if you could control what information is going in your child’s smartphone? limit access /define timelines?

Well, that’s where App eKAVACH comes into the picture. eKAVACH provides you with the required amount of information, monitoring ability and lets you apply your desired boundaries; and helps curb cyber-bullying and internet addiction amongst kids.

The Bangalore based startup claims that their real-time filtering technology gives you insight into your child’s online activity. It enables you to block specific web categories, sites, in appropriate content, set appropriate time limits, limit access by days or times of day, and enable “safe search” to block harmful sites from search results. Also, parents will receive real-time notifications of any violations on their phone.

Upcoming features include social media monitoring, IM / chat room monitoring, SMS & call monitoring and cyber bullying protection – i.e. whenever a child views or types a pre-designated threatening keyword or key-phrase, eKAVACH automatically generates an real-time notification that notifies the parent of a potential problem.

The app is currently free to download (link).

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