What’s common between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs? They shielded their kids from tech

Yes. Founders of successful tech companies which have redefined consumer technologies actually shield their kids from technology.

Steve Jobs prohibited his kids from using theĀ  iPad. “We limit how much technology our kids use at home,” Jobs told reporter Nick Bilton (link).
In 2007, Gates, the former CEO of Microsoft, implemented a cap on screen time when his daughter started developing an unhealthy attachment to a video game. He also didn’t let his kids get cell phones until they turned 14*.

Why is that?

  • Researchers have found that eighth-grader’s risk for depression jumps 27% when he or she frequently uses social media.
  • Kids who use their phones for at least three hours a day are much more likely to be suicidal.

Silicon Valley billionaires are sending their kids to schools, which are low-tech.

A number of specialty Silicon Valley schools, such as the Waldorf School, are noticeably low-tech. They use chalkboards and No. 2 pencils. Instead of learning how to code, kids are taught the soft skills of cooperation and respect (source).

And what are you doing as a parent? Giving iPad and phones to kids?
Don’t. In fact, do not allow your kids to use newly launched messenger app for kids.
* These are excerpts from the book: Screen Schooled, which gives gives a glimpse of how damaging technology overuse and misuse has been to our kids.

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