Parentree – Online Community for Parents

If you are a parent, chances are that you are a regular visitor to IndiaParenting, the web1.0 survivor that doesn’t seem to believe in upgrading the site.

I strongly believe that there is a need for a better networking tool – tightly knit communities around parenting and that’s a pain Parentree is attempting to solve.

Parentree focuses on the practical aspects of Indian parenting by enabling parent-to-parent conversations and advice.

The information that is exchanged includes parenting tips, reviews of schools and preschools, children’s activities in our cities, fostering intelligence and confidence and creativity in our children, good nutrition, pregnancy, child development, emotional development and behaviour…. and the list goes on.

We also have an editorial team that writes about the latest research regarding children and parenting.

Our primary focus is on practical parenting, on the information that is not easily available, on the information which parents depend on fellow parents for.

By enabling the exchange of information between parents, we offer realistic advice and different opinions rather than a single “expert” opinion.
We are not a health focused site unlike most of our competitors. – Founders

The site is organized as a typical content portal/blog, but I believe giving away more UGC feel will surely help increase the interactivity.

Few contents (like this) are taken from US based sites, but eventually the site’s success relies solely on UGC.

Infact, that’s where the success of Indiaparenting lies- people talk about all sorts of parenting questions and even though, the information is unstructured, it is still helpful for parents (the site also has doctors who answer query from parents).

Do give Parentree a spin and share your feedback.

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