Games2Win’s Parking Frenzy Android Game finds a parking slot near Angry Birds [2.3 million Downloads in 10 days]

It’s not everyday that Indian app developers get to see their app sitting close to the Angry Birds in the app store. Games2Win’s Parking Frenzy Android game has now hit the 2.3 million download numbers and has been played over 8.5 million time in a span of just 10 days since it was launched. In fact, at one point in time it was even above Twitter, Facebook Messenger and Angry Birds Rio (though the ranking has come down a bit).

As per Flurry’s analytics, the game has 2.2 minutes of median time spent, 20.7% returning users and 350k Daily Active Users (DAUs) – which is certainly very high for a new app/game.Flurry Analytics - Parking Frenzy - New Users Graph

In general, games category has a higher stickiness half the users use a game at least 2 to 3 times before they decide whether to keep it or remove it (Report: Ever Wondered Why Users Stopped Using Your Apps? [Inside The Mind Of An App User]).

Rank Trends - Parking Frenzy

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