Partner Event: Innoz Hackathon


Partner Event: Innoz Hackathon

[Guest article by Mohammed Hisamuddin, cofounder of Innoz]

What will you get if you paired the best sms search platform with smart developers and told them they had 36 hours to re-invent internet on sms? That is the question we’re going to pose when we host our first 55444 HACKATHON on the 14th and 15th of July at our Bangalore Development center. 

The developers get a chance to create cool sms apps and win prizes upto 1 Lakh rupees, 2 blackberry mobile phones for BBM connected apps and a lot of goodies for others. The mood around the Hackathon would be fun because its not just about coding, we have the Lagori rock band playing on the first day. Other cool things lined up are movie streaming, crowd music streaming using an sms app, the list goes on.

We have some interesting speakers lined up too which include Pradeep Rao from Blackberry, Kalyan Varma, Wildlife Photographer – will talk about how the use of group SMS in the jungles of Tamil Nadu has led to a decrease in the Human – Wildlife conflict that is prevalent in those regions, Zubin Dubash from Onward Mobility,  Sean Blagsvedt from and Bharti Jacob from Seedfund. The event will start with a Keynote and the API demo and will wind up on Sunday evening with the Developers presenting their apps, followed by the announcement of the best apps and prize distribution. 

A robotics team from Li2 innovations will be showcasing how to control robots and segway with the help of SMS. We will also give the developers a chance to use this technology to build cool sms robotics apps.

What we would love to see

We started 55444 with the intention of giving the common man, with no direct internet access, the power and the knowledge that resides on the Internet, delivered over SMS to his phone. So anything that furthers that goal is a big winner in our eyes. There are a lot times when SMS is actually the most effective and accessible medium and those situations deserve apps of their own. We would love to see some hardware integrated with SMS, so lets say a farmer in rural India can send an SMS to switch on and off his water pump in the middle of the field, or you can send an SMS on your way back home for your geyser to switch on, so you have hot water for a bath by the time you reach home!

We know that the platform has immense potential and reach, and with your creativity, we can create some really powerful and interesting applications for this platform!

Check some of the existing apps at to get ideas on what is possible!

You can register for the hackathon @

P.S: Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner will be provided at the venue.

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